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Over Lunch is a way to connect with new people over lunch, share ideas, and make new friends.

Life is all about the people you meet: our users are professionals and creatives, dreamers and doers, partiers and planners. And they all have one thing in common: the desire to meet new people and have a good time.

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Over Lunch is a way to meet new people and make meaningful connections - online and in person. Use the Over Lunch app to find and connect with like-minded professionals.

Beautifully designed, your Over Lunch profile combines the stylish simplicity of a business card with the digital connectivity of a networking app.

Write a brief bio, upload a profile pic, and specify your work location. You can also add tags based on your professional and personal interests to help find like-minded people.

Once you've made a profile, you can search for other users by location and browse profiles. Looking to connect with a designer? Find one who works near you and get in touch. Find someone interesting who works on the same block - invite them to lunch.

More than just a networking app, Over Lunch is a community. Look out for our regular social events and get information about special deals for members.

Meet new people. Start a conversation. Make great things happen.

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Tip #1

Take the time to make your profile clear and approachable. You'll make more connections this way.

Tip #2

Plan your lunch. Work out a place, time, and type of food that suits everyone in advance.

Tip #3

To avoid awkwardness at the end of lunch, try going Dutch.

Tip #4

If lunch times don't match or if you don't work in the same area, suggest coffee or dinner.

Tip #5

Suggest a group lunch if you know more than one user in the area.

Tip #6

A lunch is... a lunch. It's not the end of the world. Don't take it personally if someone says no or doesn't respond to a lunch request.

Tip #7

Don't be a creep. This goes without saying, and yet it must be said! Of course, misunderstandings happen. The basic rule of thumb is to not make others feel uncomfortable.

Tip #8

When meeting someone, put people first, business second. Networking is one of the great benefits of Over Lunch, but the best networking focuses on human relationships, not the bottom line.

Our user guidelines are here to protect users and make sure everyone knows how to enjoy Over Lunch appropriately.

  • If you set a time and place for lunch, stick to it. We all know that accidents and emergencies happen, but we want our users to respect each other. If you have to cancel a lunch, please do so in advance as far as you can. Leaving someone standing on a street corner wasting their lunch break is a terrible social sin!

  • Are you running a business? Great, Over Lunch is the place for you. Just remember there's a thick line between networking at a social event and self-promotion disguised as lunch. Be excited about your plans. Tell everyone. Just don't invite unsuspecting users to lunch only to start pushing your pyramid scheme on them...

  • Don't harass other users, either by sending repeated, unwanted messages, or messages with inappropriate content. Please report users who do this.

  • Don't share personal information about other Over Lunch users. Never give out other people's contact information.

  • Always be careful about sharing your own personal information online. When meeting people, follow the usual common-sense rules about personal safety.