Meet the Team

The Co-Founders

While walking around her office near Seoul City Hall, Hana realized that while restaurants and cafes were full of office workers, they were mostly eating alone. She said to Nathan, "Wouldn't it be nice to meet new people over lunch?"

And from that simple idea, Hana and Nathan came up with a plan to connect professionals over lunch for fun and networking opportunities. As Hana and Nathan are both hard-working professionals who love to socialize, Over Lunch is the natural product of two friends and business partners with a passion for new ideas and meeting people.

Hana Sakuragi


Born and raised in Canada by a Japanese father and a Taiwanese mother, Hana grew up in a very multicultural environment. After working in the educational content development industry for 10 years in South Korea, Hana is back in Vancouver, where she is in charge of PR and marketing at Ash Creative. In her free time, Hana enjoys good food and drinks, whether it's a meal she has cooked herself or an evening out, and always in the company of good friends.

Nathan Hendrix


Born in the US but raised in France, Nathan is equally at home in both countries. He moved to South Korea shortly after graduating university and has lived here for over 8 years. He has traveled to more than 30 countries and lived on four continents. Nathan started his career in ESL and now works in HR as a recruiter. Outside of work, Nathan loves to socialize and entertain friends at home. In quieter moments, he tends his small rooftop garden and loves to watch the Cardinals win.

Richard Whitten

Communications Advisor

Trained as a high school history teacher, Richard realized too late that he doesn't like teenagers and so fled to Korea to teach English to businessmen. Five years later, he's still here and still teaches businessmen. He also writes, for love and coffee money, and enjoys cycling the very good paths along the Han River on a very cheap bicycle.

Matthew Hewes

Mobile App Developer